Perspective to the FAKUMA 2015 fair

from 13th until 17th October 2015

With "In Touch With The Future 2.0" BÖ-LA pursues the path of functional integration in FIM components and shows - in combination with new materials, new surfaces and new designs - the multifunctional combination options of the FIM process.

At our exhibition booth 3310 in Hall B3, we present numerous, touch-sensitive, self-luminous components with functional integration, which are produced in the Film-Insert-Molded-Electronics process.

Highlights of the trade show 2015 are:

  • A FIM multi decor concept using the example of the BO-LA mp3 alarm clock with 3 D Sensitive-Touch, a touch-sensitive, 3 D shaped surface combined with
    • Chrome Panel
    • Antiglare
    • Antifingerprint
    • Piano Black / Piano White
    • Digital Printing
    • Softtouch

  • The final component of in the joint project FIMO (Film-Insert-Molded-OLED), a self-luminous, foil decorated navigation panel with an OLED lighting - integrated by the FIM process

  • As well as various other FIM demonstrators with functional integration

Retrospection to the Fakuma 2014 fair


The Fakuma 2014 exhibition has closed its gates and we look back to a very successful fair. Our four innovative applications in the field of Film-Insert-Molded-Electronics offer new possibilities for the integration of illumination and touch functions into FIM components.

Visit us at this year’s FAKUMA

from 14th until 18th October 2014

The Fakuma in Friedrichshafen – The international trade fair for plastics Processing – open its gates from October 14th until October 18th, 2014.
On our new booth (3310 in Hall b3) we present four innovative applications in the field of Film-Insert-Molded-Electronics, which open up new opportunities for functional FIM.

  • FIMO - Film-Insert-Molded-OLED:
    implementation of OLED lighting in FIM components
  • 3D-Sensitive-Touch:
    BÖ-LA`s new capacitive sensor technology for touch-sensitive 3D-formed surfaces
  • A FIM-Touchscreendisplay for the Visteon concept car, e-bee
  • touchskin – A plasticelectronic technology, electronics and graphics printed by BÖ-LA: An only 2 mm thick, complex and functional washing machine controlpanel with integrated LED lighting, lightguides and touchsensitive surface.

One further innovation in the area of design and decoration: FIM Multidecoration Trims
BÖ-LA, as partner for the 3D-formed and insert-molded FIM trims, is showing a large number of surface- and color trim variations out of a multifunctional injection tool owned by company Gerhardi.

Our Vision:
to reduce entire modules – consisting of control panels, decorative trims, mechanical buttons, light guides and LEDs – to one single film-decorated, touch-sensitive, self-illuminating FIM component with a closed, freely formable surface.

Visit us at the FAKUMA 2012

from 16th until 20th October 2012

The international trade fair for plastics processing FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen opens its gates from 16th until 20th October 2012. We are a part of it and will show a wide range of innovative applications. We are looking forward to see you!


We exhibited at the Fakuma for the first time

18.10.2011 - 22.10.2011

For the first time in company history, BÖ-LA showed its products on a big fair for plastics. At the FAKUMA 2011 we presented the latest decorative trends as well as the technical potentials of FIM –Foil- Insert- Molding technology. BÖ-LA presented different combinations of the latest FIM -designs, -materials, -technologies and –functions, shown with a product out of an injection tool, which was developed by BÖ-LA.